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Conscious Change 2030.

Join our movement for a more diverse, successful future.

We’re on a mission to create a more diverse MedComms sector.
Who’s with us?

Conscious Change 2030 is our rallying cry. It’s an industry-wide call to action to bring more diverse voices and experiences into positions of influence by the start of the next decade.

For too long, the MedComms landscape has failed to reflect the rich diversity of the population it serves. Leadership roles have been dominated by a narrow segment, leaving many voices unheard and unseen.

We are spearheading a bold new movement. We are reimagining healthcare, building a future where everyone—regardless of background—is seen, heard, and valued.

Join us in making this vision a reality. Your voice matters. Together, we can reshape the future of healthcare.

Why do we need conscious change?

To address global health inequity, we believe it’s imperative that decision-makers in healthcare organizations better understand the challenges different patient groups have. That can only happen with a genuine diversity of experiences and of ideas on how to address those challenges.

Right now, the reality across the MedComms industry is very different with 80% of executive leadership positions held by white people.

Change starts with us.

We can’t call for industry action without recognizing the need to improve ourselves. We’ve already built a strong foundation for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), establishing a dedicated strategy group, council, and network of DEI champions. But we can do more – and we’re committed to weaving conscious inclusion into every facet of our organization.

When we increase diversity, we don’t just enrich our business and our industry, we improve outcomes for patients everywhere.

Sign up to our Conscious Change Pledge.

Join the movement.

We want to engage with other organizations about the scarcity of diverse voices in the industry and the impact that has within healthcare. Below are the promises we’re making – and we’re asking you to make them too. Sign our Conscious Change Pledge today and help advance DEI within the MedComms sector.

Together we will empower tomorrow by acting today.

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Sign our pledge for updates on our progress, receive insights from the wider group and state your intention to make our mission a reality.