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External opportunity scan in HNSCC

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Inizio Advisory Client Success Story

Using Inizio’s proprietary AssetNav tool, we provided information updated in real-time and delivered efficiencies by speeding up the project timeline.

Client Challenge

An established biopharma company seeking to grow its leadership position in Head and Neck Cancer (HNSCC) needed to identify promising targets, technologies and clinical-stage assets to fill gaps in their portfolio and maintain their leadership in the category.

Our Solution
  • We built a library of clinical stage assets under evaluation in HNSCC, and rolled up at a target level. The tool allowed an up-to-date and real-time view of assets at the top of the funnel.
  • An initial screen was used to select targets with clinical-level efficacy data. AssetNav provided the most recent data readouts, and helped generate comprehensive target profiles.
  • Each target was ranked, cumulative of all assets, on scientific, clinical and commercial attractiveness, and high-priority targets shortlisted. Asset Nav’s Scoring Framework was used to run a semi-quantitative prioritization, which was overlaid with qualitative and strategic considerations, as well as KOL inputs.
  • Identified assets available for partnering among the prioritized targets, based on strength of data, anticipated milestones, First/Best-in-Class potential, high-level commercial potential and breadth of applicability, and availability for partnership. AssetNav provided updated inputs into most of these parameters, and helped generate concise asset profiles.
The Results

The top 5 actionable assets were selected, in close collaboration with a cross-functional client team. For each shortlisted asset, we evaluated the Target Opportunity Profile, clinical development path, business case and value prop, in order to support the client’s due diligence.

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