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Using GenAI to assess insights and demonstrate impact.


ClarityNav, part of InizioNavigator.ai, allows our Medical Affairs experts to bring clients actionable insights faster to allow them to refine and drive strategies forward, and identify impact metrics aligned to strategic imperatives. With this proprietary tool, we use AI /LLM programs to classify and assess sentiment of medical insights from a variety of sources. It’s brand-agnostic and can be customized for clients’ specific needs.

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Our experts are at the heart of everything we do, bringing deep strategic, analytical, and technical knowledge to share actionable insights, trends, and recommendations.

  • Fast: Analyze hundreds of medical insights from multiple data sources
  • Broad application: Standard themes identified with potential application across brands
  • Customizable: Bespoke frameworks aligned to strategic imperatives
  • Reliable: Trained and QC’d by team comprising of AI, medical affairs, and scientific experts
  • Validated: Validated tool with rationale and keywords for each conversation tag providing full transparency
  • Scalable: Can be customized for multiple assets in your portfolio


Analyze and classify 500 conversations in just a few minutes

Featured Case Study.

Medical Affairs medical insights framework

Leveraging ClarityNav to support a MA team in synthesizing medical insights across multiple sources.

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