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About us.

We’re a trusted advisor for health and life science companies that leverages connected solutions and intelligence to turn science into strategy and execution for every stage of the journey from early commercialization to product launch and beyond.

Create long-term value for patients.

Your work is for patients. Our work is to help you help them. We do this through end-to-end advisory that creates long-term value for patients. Our integrated, multi-disciplinary team will help you better understand your markets through advanced data and insights.

We will crystalize your brand to effectively manage and accelerate its performance. When it’s time to launch your product, we’re here to maximize its potential with sound and successful launches. Beyond that, we empower you and your people to expand your footprint by accessing new markets, commercializing, and optimizing your strategies and portfolios to do more good in the world.

Depth by Design

Inizio Advisory businesses.


We help clients make better strategic decisions for their products and portfolios.


Strategically solving the most complex and dynamic problems facing the global life science industry today, Putnam specializes in new product strategy, portfolio licensing and development strategy, value, pricing, and access strategy, established product and franchise strategy, enterprise strategy, and medical and scientific affairs strategy.

Research Partnership

We help clients understand their market & brands better through our strategic insights.


As the market research specialist of the ecosystem, Research Partnership combines evidence with therapeutic and market expertise to bridge the gap between research and consultancy. We collaborate with clients from the global pharmaceutical, MedTech and biotech industries to deliver fresh insights and strategic recommendations that elevate healthcare brands and help them thrive in a complex and challenging environment.


We help clients align their strategy with execution to accelerate growth.


In a rapidly evolving market landscape, STEM can help Commercial and Medical Affairs leaders make informed decisions to optimize strategy execution at the customer interface. STEM partners with 29 of the top 30 large pharma companies and emerging biotechs to further accelerate brand performance. Our unique observational methodology and proprietary benchmark database, combined with our trusted advisors, enables STEM to provide our clients with strategic insights and actionable recommendations.


We help our clients transform by bridging the gap between strategy & execution.


Driving healthier business results across the interwoven sectors of healthcare, Vynamic’s team of accomplished leaders with consulting and industry expertise helps clients transform their business through actionable strategy, operational intelligence, and healthy culture. While Vynamic takes pride in what they deliver, it’s how they do it that makes them unlike any other consulting partner.

Our approach.

We leverage connected solutions and intelligence to turn science into strategy, executed with success for every stage of the product lifecycle. Here’s how we do it.

Product lifecycle partner: Actionable advice for every stage of the product lifecycle

Connected intelligence: Diverse perspectives for inclusive + conclusive insights

Sector-specific expertise: Unparalleled sector depth for sound and savvy strategy, execution and measuring impact

Fully integrated, top talent: Integrated team of highly experienced, multi-disciplinary experts

Inizio family of companies: Access to 11,700 experts in 50 countries covering all markets

Patient-centered: Patient-inspired strategies that create long-term value

Our people.

Gareth Phillips

CEO, Research Partnership

Michele Quinn

Head of Branding and Marketing, Inizio Advisory

Emer Jameson

Vice President HR, Inizio Advisory

Martin Curry

CFO, Inizio Advisory

What makes us, Inizio.

Change-makers. Market-shapers. Champions of positive company culture. Our environment has been intentionally designed to inspire, empower, and enable everyone to thrive. As individuals with diverse backgrounds, as a team with shared values, as professionals ready to reimagine health and life sciences—we are Inizio.

We empower everyone

We act with integrity

We rise to the challenge

We work as one

We ask ‘what if?’

Where we are.

Inizio Advisory is a global partner and part of the Inizio family of companies, with 11,700 experts in over 50 countries covering all major health and life sciences markets. Wherever you are and wherever you need us to be, we’re there.

Get in touch.

Let’s talk about your needs and goals. We’ll deliver an integrated, multidisciplinary team for everything you need. Complex market? Need to accelerate your brand’s performance? Aggressive launch date? Planning a Transformation Program? Big aspirations? We’re built for all of it.

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