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Inizio Medical.

We connect best-in-class scientific knowledge and cutting-edge tech to create compelling content and experiences that inform, inspire and involve medical communities across the healthcare spectrum.

Accelerating scientific understanding to drive better health outcomes.

Inizio Medical brings together three of the most recognized and trusted global medical communications agencies – ApotheCom, Ashfield MedComms and Nucleus Global.

We underpin them with the power of best-in-class medical affairs consulting, data analytics, integrated evidence generation, and industry-leading AI solutions through our medical excellence and transformation agency, MEDiSTRAVA.

Inizio Medical.

We’re driven by our desire to transform the way the world engages with scientific innovation, and we share an unwavering belief in the difference it can make to the lives of patients around the world.

Who we are.

Only Inizio Medical can bring together unrivalled breadth and depth of expertise, technological innovation, and passionate teams with the power to redefine medical engagement.

Our capabilities.

At Inizio Medical we create compelling content and engage communities across the spectrum of healthcare. We advance scientific understanding and pioneer new ways of partnership in an industry that trusts us to take on challenges and break from convention.

Underpinned by advanced medical analytics capabilities, applied AI tools and multi-dimensional insights, we are united on a vision to not only lead, but to define the future of medical in drug development and commercialization.

Integrated Core services:

  • Activating data generation
  • Optimizing data dissemination
  • Enhancing stakeholder engagement

Market-Leading Practice Areas:

  • Medical Communications
  • Actionable Analytics and Insights
  • Clinical Trial Optimization
  • Launch Excellence and Preparedness
  • Product Commercialization
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Patient Engagement
  • Value and Access
  • Continuing and Independent Medical Education
  • Technology and Digital Solutions

Agency groups.

Our agency groups

We are three of the world’s leading medical communications companies – all underpinned by best-in-class consulting, data analytics, integrated evidence generation, and AI solutions provided by our medical excellence and transformation agency, MEDiSTRAVA.


We help medical affairs challenge convention to accelerate better outcomes.


Underpinned by the power of analytics and outcomes-focused measurement, ApotheCom is a global medical strategy agency driven by evidence, accelerating outcomes. With an extensive track record of success, our team of over 250 scientists, strategists, thinkers, designers and developers understand how to tell your scientific, clinical and values stories to better reach your audiences in this omnichannel world.

Nucleus Global

Driven by the science, we create smart solutions that deliver new standards in healthcare communications.


A family utilizing their expertise and relentless passion to share science with the world. Our illuminating approach to scientific communications is powered by our science-first ethos and integration in an effective team of our experts in medical, digital, creative, value, and patient engagement. With over 950 communications experts to form your team from, Nucleus delivers ambitious outcomes that positively impact patient care.

Ashfield MedComms

We make it matter by connecting science and creativity to deliver better patient impact.


Uncover a perfect balance of deep scientific knowledge and brilliant creativity to bring clarity to the complex. By creating thoughtful communications that engage, resonate and adapt to global, regional and local audiences, our team of over 830 specialists strive to support our clients to help communicate scientific breakthroughs that change lives and fundamentally reshape the future of healthcare.


We connect scientific expertise with cutting edge tech to define the strategic healthcare solutions of tomorrow.


We provide multifunctional strategic insight, communications and technical expertise to fast-track our biotech and pharma partners success. We support our partners across strategic communications and investor relations, medical and regulatory affairs, market access, HEOR and real-world evidence, and advanced medical analytics to provide a holistic view, enabling agility in planning and execution.

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Combining complex scientific understanding with creativity, Inizio Medical develops impactful medical affairs strategies and compelling communications. Learn more about how we do it and gain industry insights in our latest resources.

It's time to reimagine health.

We help our clients navigate each pivotal moment in their clinical development and commercialization journey so that more people get the treatments they need, faster.