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We are proud of our heritage and the positive impact we’ve had on helping many people build a career in med comms. Have a look at what some of our allegro. alumni have to say about their experience.

Esher Nandra, Associate Medical Writer, UK

Before starting the allegro.WRITE programme at Inizio Medical, I knew that med comms was an alternative career to research that still allowed you to be at the forefront of innovation in the scientific field. This was appealing to me, as I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to utilise my scientific background to communicate information to various audiences. In addition, I was excited to work as part of an extended team and learn new skills from others.

The allegro.WRITE programme has been a challenging, but rewarding, experience thus far. The initial six weeks gave a great insight into what life can be like on a client account; this involved the development of various deliverables, including an abstract, poster, manuscript, slide deck and infographic. Whilst every account has its nuances, the fundamental skills from the initial allegro.WRITE training made it easier to approach work on a real-life account. During the last six months, I have gained so many new skills and have worked on projects that I did not even think could fall under the scope of med comms. I have really enjoyed getting the chance to connect with and learn from various people on my team. It really has been amazing to see how my confidence has grown in such a short space of time.

The most rewarding part of the allegro.WRITE programme at Inizio Medical has been the friendships I have been able to form with the other writers in my cohort. This is especially true for my pitch team, who I remain in regular contact with to this day. As I go into my second rotation, I’m looking forward to working in a new team that is in a different part of the business. I have enjoyed my experience working in med comms so far, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Anya Horton, Medical Writer, UK

I joined the allegro.WRITE programme at Inizio Medical as an Associate Medical Writer in January 2023. Following two months of training with my fellow new writers in the Manchester office, I was placed onto my first rotation which focused on publications in oncology. Here, I was introduced to the world of med comms by working on posters and abstracts for various scientific congresses, and even drafted my first manuscript! It was a brilliant, hands-on experience, and the five months flew by.

My second rotation was drug-induced movement disorders in a medical affairs account, and I worked on a variety of projects, including post-congress reports, video storyboards, and materials for an advisory board. This was a fantastic opportunity to develop relationships with the client, as I worked closely with them to create meeting materials that supported their strategic goals. I was delighted to be able to travel to Italy to attend the advisory board and see all of our hard work come together. It was really rewarding to see the external experts discussing the slides I had created, and to gather their invaluable insights on the topics presented. Moving forward, I will utilise everything I learnt during the allegro.WRITE programme to approach new projects with confidence and experience as a newly-promoted Medical Writer.

Overall, the allegro.WRITE programme has taught me countless skills that are needed to thrive as a Medical Writer, as well as providing me with a variety of opportunities to work closely with exciting medical developments and the world-renowned experts who are at the forefront of improving patient outcomes. I look forward to continuing working with my wonderful team and to expanding my skillset further!

Roisin Weaver, Senior Medical Writer, UK

After starting my BSc degree in Biomedicine at Lancaster University, I quickly discovered that my favourite part of the course was learning about diseases and their treatments, then communicating this information to other people. At the time, I believed that my only options were to either become a biomedical scientist or to pursue a career in research. That was until a google search of ‘non-lab-based science careers’ helped me find the medical communications (or med comms) industry. After researching the types of jobs available, I was immediately drawn to the role of Associate Medical Writer – it was the job I had always wanted, but didn’t know existed! As I searched, I came across the allegro.WRITE programme at Inizio Medical, which I applied to after gaining an MSc in Science Communications and joined in September 2021.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the allegro.WRITE programme; the training phase provided a safe space to learn all about the med comms industry, while the rotations allowed me to put everything I learned into practice! The year on the programme flew by, culminating in a promotion to Medical Writer and a celebration of everything we had achieved as a cohort. At the end of the programme, I returned to the same team I worked with on my first rotation. It was great to slot back in and take on new challenges and responsibilities as a fully-fledged member of the team. Since then, the skills and knowledge I gained from the allegro.WRITE programme have continued to accelerate both my professional and personal development, resulting in a promotion to Senior Medical Writer in 2023.

I am very proud of the career I have had since joining allegro.WRITE in 2021, and still find the job as rewarding and fulfilling as the day I started. I look forward to continuing to learn about the promising development of drugs in a range of therapy areas, and hope to progress further as a writer in the future.

Gary Smith, Associate Account Executive, UK

My journey with med comms started with the ‘Introduction to Medical Communications’ elective at the University of Glasgow, delivered by the allegro. team at Inizio Medical. I had never actually heard of med comms as an industry until that point, which I’ve come to realise is quite common. As I completed the course at Glasgow, I felt that med comms seemed like the perfect fit for me. I was more interested in the allegro.DRIVE programme; I just felt the client services role would be a better fit for me rather than medical writing. paragraph), could we please change to: While my background is in research science, I’ve never really connected with what the day-to-day of a research science job would be (namely, lab work). I’ve always liked the biotechnology/pharmaceuticals sector though and had been looking at jobs therein for when I graduated.

The application process for the allegro.DRIVE programme was quite enjoyable, which I wasn’t used to from other applications. It encompassed some online tests and a full day assessment centre in Macclesfield, which was a great experience. Everyone there was very supportive and helpful and were keen to offer advice on what to be prepared for throughout the day, and what working for the different branches of Inizio Medical is like. The initial training with the allegro. team was a great introduction to the role and the company – while intense at times, it was a genuinely fun experience. It allowed myself and the others on my cohort to learn about the allegro.DRIVE programme and the support networks in place for us throughout Inizio Medical. It was also key for preparing us for our time in our individual account teams and familiarising ourselves with the day-to-day of what we would be doing.

My experience with the allegro.DRIVE programme has been phenomenal so far; I’ve had a genuinely fun time and have learned, and continue to learn, new skills every day. I’ve also met a host of great people who continue to be friendly and helpful at every turn. Looking forward, I’m keen to gain more experience on the myriad processes and projects within the med comms industry and within my specific account team. In particular, I’m excited to be able to take ownership over projects myself and deliver them alongside my team.

Ellie Harrison, Senior Account Executive, UK

My experience with the allegro.DRIVE programme at Inizio Medical has been truly invaluable. Before this programme, I didn’t know what to expect from the world of med comms. The programme was incredibly interactive and replicated the day-to-day life on a client account; this immersive learning experience has been instrumental in equipping me with the skills and confidence needed to navigate the world of med comms.

The training phase allowed me to form strong bonds with people from different areas throughout the business and created a very supportive network. In the programme, I was able to immerse myself in a dynamic and challenging environment that closely mirrored the realities of the industry, with opportunities to practice the types of deliverables and experiences faced on our client accounts. This practical exposure deepened my understanding of key concepts and honed my ability to think on my feet and adapt to evolving situations.

My time at Inizio Medical has allowed me to support across a variety of projects, from creative to congresses, podcasts to publications and everything in between. It has also allowed me to travel abroad to see the delivery of medical booths, expert sessions, and symposia, providing me with great hands-on experience. The comprehensive training provided by the allegro.DRIVE programme has been instrumental in preparing me for the complexities of these projects.

The unwavering support of my team members has truly made my time at Inizio Medical. Their guidance, expertise, and encouragement have been invaluable, providing me with a safety net to explore and learn in my role. Working in med comms has been a really rewarding experience so far and I am excited to see what 2024 brings!

Rachel Savage, Senior Account Executive, UK

I thought that I had struck gold when I stumbled across an advertisement for the allegro.DRIVE programme at Inizio Medical, a scheme that proposed to combine my passion for medical science with a desire to work in the fast-paced environment of Client Services.

The 6-month programme was a deep dive into the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of an account executive. Initially, the allegro. team provided extensive training on project management, financial acumen, and effective client engagement skills via a hybrid of face-to-face and virtual sessions. These sessions were supplemented with multiple independent and team assignments which allowed us to learn from our experiences before putting them into action within our agency teams. We were always encouraged to speak up and ask questions, which dramatically improved my confidence and solidified valuable relationships with colleagues that remain to this day. As well as the allegro. training team, mentors and buddies, my Client Services account team provided unwavering support that did not end when I completed the programme. Within my first 3 months, I supported our clients at onsite events such as advisory boards, symposia and booth displays across both America and Europe. This is not something that I would have had the confidence or skill set to do without the learnings from the allegro.DRIVE training and the support from my agency team.

Almost a year on, I still refer to the advice and mentorship that I received during the allegro.DRIVE programme. The skills and experience that I gained gave me an excellent kick-start in the exciting world of med comms that I feel very lucky to have had.

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