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allegro. Webinars and FAQs

What qualifications do I need?

We will consider candidates with a degree and background in life sciences and related areas.

Is this a paid job?

Yes, all programmes offer roles with a competitive salary. You do not need to cover costs for any of the training.

Is this a full-time role?

Yes, all our roles are full-time. Working hours vary by country.

Do you offer permanent contracts?

Yes, we offer permanent contracts to all employees.

Do you offer benefits?

Yes, our employees have a competitive benefits package. Exact benefits vary depending on the location and company contract you are hired into.

What countries do you hire in?

We hire into the UK and South Africa.

Do you support visa applications?

To be considered for a role, you must be eligible to work in the country you have applied to work in.

Can I move teams when I am in the company?

There are opportunities to move across teams if the move is viable from a business perspective. Business needs often change due to the life cycle of a project or client needs, so this can provide opportunities to move around the business.

Is travel involved in the roles?

There are opportunities to travel in all roles. We frequently support clients at meetings and conferences across the world, although the amount of travel varies by account.

Can I work from home?

Our policy varies depending on location. In the UK we promote hybrid working, whereas in South Africa, our contracts are remote working as standard.

What can I do to maximise my chances of acceptance into the company?

We’re interested in the ‘whole person’; whilst a good degree is a pre-requisite, we’re also interested in your skills outside of academia. For example, what have you done that’s shown team work, resilience or problem solving? These things don’t have to be big – we don’t expect everyone to have scaled Everest, but we’d like to see what your skills are outside of your academic experiences.

Can I specialise in a therapy area of interest?

We cover a vast amount of therapy areas; if there is a specific therapy area that you are interested in, we would want you to highlight this to us. However, the training in all of our programmes is designed to help you succeed regardless of therapy area and it is likely that you will change teams and therapy areas over the course of your career. We’ll give you the exposure that will allow you to find the right career path for you.

Is there other training available from Inizio Medical outside of the allegro. model?

Yes, we have a dedicated training team that run courses on various topics throughout the year. We are passionate about your development and helping you meet your personal objectives.

How do I apply for opportunities?

You can apply via our website or search for our jobs on LinkedIn.


If you want to find out more about how allegro. can help build your perfect med comms career, have a look at the following webinars:

allegro.WRITE UK: https://youtu.be/fWNvA3qSNbk

allegro.WRITE South Africa: https://vimeo.com/873315186/6af5a9dce2?share=copy.

allegro.DRIVE: https://youtu.be/Z20szz63668

How to become a Medical Writer in South Africa: https://www.youtube.com/embed/KQITdxbJegI?si=cWyhfTo367SdTl4t

allegro.WRITE UK recruitment May 2024: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu_FgxnqjRk

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