Home Insights Unpacking our insights: What did we learn from Reuters USA 2024?

Unpacking our insights: What did we learn from Reuters USA 2024?

Reuters Pharma USA 2024 brought 1,200 pioneers and thought leaders from Commercial, Medical Affairs, Marketing, Market Access, Patient Engagement, RWE, and key stakeholders together to share insights and discuss key challenges emerging in Pharma.  

Below are the three key themes that our commercialization experts and thought leaders from across Inizio gathered at the two-day event. To hear more about our learnings, contact us here. 

GenAI: Not just a buzzword 

Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) remains one of the most prominent trends in Pharma at present.   

Mike Zapiec, Senior Director and Customer Experience Transformation Service Lead, explained: “GenAI is the new buzzword in Pharma. Many discuss its importance and flag that huge change is on the horizon, but how many organizations have a thoughtful strategy with actionable steps to get there?” 

AI has the power to be truly transformative, with an untapped ability to work even smarter for humankind. By following strict governance protocols and filtering all decisions through our experts, we utilize AI to provide an added layer of assurance at every stage of the commercialization journey. 

Omnichannel: A strategic necessity 

Pharma continues to grapple with Omnichannel, leveraging data and insights to provide a coordinated and personalized customer experience to better serve buyer needs.  

The importance of data usage is well-recognized, understanding its pivotal role in driving informed decision-making. However, there remains a pervasive shortfall in effectively harnessing its potential for optimal outcomes. As summarized by Jennifer Perry, Client Engagement Director: “Data and digital were dominant themes throughout the event – acknowledging that data is crucial to compile, while also recognizing that there is still a lot to explore.” 

A current obstacle to achieving Omnichannel success is the present difficulty in obtaining precise and up-to-date datasets. Oren Roth-Eisenberg, VP, Engagement Strategy added: “A key challenge we must overcome in Omnichannel is access to rich, timely datasets. We must undo overly engineered processes, typical of Pharma, to reduce data latency and make ‘real-time’ Omnichannel marketing a reality.”

Health equity: More than accessing care 

Health equity remains a recurring and prevalent concept, highlighting a fundamental moral imperative in Pharma. 

Oren Roth-Eisenberg, VP, Engagement Strategy explained: “It is not enough to just champion equity – for it to take hold within a company’s commercial operations, it must be a belief embedded across every P&L.  

An equity lens is critical to more than just accessing care: it can mean important context, like how disease symptoms may show up differently in various patient subsegments. This can have a broad impact on messaging, education, and care.” 

At Inizio, our connected experts unlock, activate and optimize the value of your healthcare innovation at each pivotal moment of your clinical development and commercialization journey. To learn more about our connected capabilities, ranging from Omnichannel to AI, contact us.