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Inizio Medical Highlights the Role of AI in Reshaping the Communication Landscape

In the latest in a series of high-profile collaborations with leading industry bodies, Inizio Medical has played a crucial role in the development of a new statement by the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) that showcases the pivotal role artificial intelligence (AI) plays in reshaping the landscape of medical communications.

This builds on Inizio Medical’s previous work with the Healthcare Communications Association (HCA), which issued an urgent call to action for the adoption of AI across the industry. It provides guidance developed by senior industry experts on the appropriate use of AI for professionals across the globe working in the field of medical communications.

The statement is co-authored by Inizio Medical’s Global Chief Artificial and Augmented Intelligence Officer, Matt Lewis, who co-chairs the AI Taskforce at ISMPP alongside individuals from across the industry:

  • Keith Goldman, AbbVie
  • Amy Foreman-Wykert, Amgen
  • Jason Gardner, Real Chemistry
  • Anna Geraci, ISMPP
  • Jenny Ghith, Pfizer
  • Richard Graves, Sorcero
  • David Hogben, IPG Health
  • Valerie Moss, Prime Global
  • Chirag Jay Patel, Cactus Global
  • Michael Plat, CEA/CCO

It issues a bold call to action for ISMPP members to lead by example by harnessing the power of AI responsibly. This reflects the rapidly evolving nature of medical communications as a profession and the revolutionary role the adoption of AI has played and will continue to play across the sector.

  • Education and Training: Stay up to date with AI advancements. Recognize that AI is revolutionizing scientific communication. All ISMPP members are encouraged to improve their AI literacy, understand its potential and associated risks, and engage with ISMPP AI education and training.
  • Implementation and Use: Ensure that AI is integrated responsibly, transparently, and fairly, always prioritizing confidentiality. Align the usage of AI with ISMPP’s Code of Ethics to foster patient accessibility, ensure timely publication and combat publication bias.
  • Advocacy and Community Engagement: Engage within and beyond your organizations. Given ISMPP members’ unique positions on bridging medical science, healthcare professionals, and patients, it’s crucial to actively participate in AI policy formation due to its broader societal impacts.

The overarching aim of the statement is to illuminate the value and transformational effect AI is set to have on the industry, as well as provide a series of best practice guidelines for its safe, ethical, and productive use.

Inizio Medical is widely recognized as an industry leader in the application of AI in medical communications. It has helped some of the world’s biggest companies navigate this challenging new landscape, using their specialist knowledge and expertise. As the widespread adoption of AI technology continues to change the way businesses communicate and deliver their services, Inizio Medical is well-placed to take a leadership role within the industry, during this period of unprecedented change.