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Conscious Change 2030 aims to increase MedComms diversity and improve patient outcomes

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Inizio Medical today proudly launches a new campaign that calls on the MedComms industry to do more to promote greater diversity in the sector by signing up to a new Conscious Change Pledge.

Currently, around 80% of those in executive leadership positions in MedComms companies are White. That lack of diversity and representation at senior levels is a concern when so many different groups of people across the world are suffering from health inequities.

“We believe in a future where healthcare looks different; a future where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued,” explains Naseem Ahmed, Global DEI Director. “MedComms has an important role to play in breaking down the barriers that lead to health inequities, but in order to do that we need greater diversity of thought and experience at the highest levels. And we know that starts with us.”

Building on strong foundations

Conscious Change 2030 will see Inizio Medical build on the strong foundations of its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work so far, which includes a dedicated strategy group, council, and network of DEI champions.

The campaign will create training and mentorship opportunities to get more diverse talent into leadership positions, as well as forge strategic partnerships with diversity-focused organizations and advocacy groups.

An industry-wide pledge   

A key part of the campaign is the launch of a Conscious Change Pledge, which calls on other MedComms companies to also commit to promoting greater diversity in their organizations and the wider Pharmaceutical industry.

Organizations read the pledge and sign it here

“This is more than a framework – it’s a movement,” adds Nas “By recognizing the power that we have as an industry, we believe that collectively we can open up and ensure equitable opportunities for all.

“This isn’t just about us; it’s about the impact we can have on the world. When we increase diversity, we don’t only enrich our businesses and our industry, we improve health equity for patients everywhere.”

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