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Inizio business units make US top 10 agency list

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12 June 2023

Congratulations to Evoke (part of Inizio MarComms) and Inizio Medical, who today have been ranked in the top 10 healthcare marketing agencies in North America.

The rankings, determined by revenue, are part of MM+M’s annual Agency100, which profiles the region’s largest companies in the field. MM+M is the industry’s leading marketing media brand and its hotly anticipated list features Evoke in a fantastic sixth place with Inizio Medical closely behind in seventh.

It’s been a busy 12 months for both business units. Last year saw Evoke joined forces with the Ashfield Health Marketing and Communications agencies, while four global medical communications agencies united under Inizio Medical, bringing together powerful expertise in areas such as data, analytics and AI, patient engagement, and real-world evidence.

Over the past year, Evoke’s seen its revenue jump by 16%, and its team numbers grow significantly – up to 1,432 from 1,231 at the end of 2021. Similarly, Inizio Medical boosted revenues by 9%, grew its headcount by 150 people and worked with almost 300 clients.

Meeting clients’ unmet needs

Evoke is a global brand, experience, and communications platform, purpose-built to make health more human. Powered by amazing people working together in practice areas and specialty agencies, the platform unlocks the potential of its people, clients, and the communities it serves.

“We’ve designed the Evoke platform around our customers and our people, making sure we remove the friction points that clients and our talent have experienced with the big networks,” says Reid Connolly, Evoke CEO.

That removal of friction allows Evoke to offer integrated and data-driven medical and creative services. Meanwhile, long-standing experience in digital means the company is well positioned to support clients in areas such as omnichannel and customer experience– the latter being one of Evoke’s fastest-growing areas.

“Many pharma companies have been talking about digital transformation in their annual reports for years, but only since the pandemic have many of them taken it seriously,” says Reid. “You’re now seeing it become one of the most significant unmet needs and challenges for many pharma and biotech companies across their commercial and medical affairs organizations — and we’re uniquely suited to take advantage of that.”

United by a vision

As for Inizio Medical’s 2,100-strong team, they’re united by a vision not only to lead, but to define the future of medical throughout the drug development and commercialization lifecycle. They do this by creating compelling evidence-based content and engaging communities across the spectrum of healthcare, advancing scientific understanding, and pioneering new kinds of partnership.

Achieving such a high position in the MM+M rankings will certainly raise Inizio Medical’s profile – this is the first time the team has featured in the Agency100, after bringing together ApotheCom, Ashfield MedComms, and Nucleus Global under one umbrella.

“When we formed Inizio Medical, we consulted extensively with clients and our teams and what came through loud and clear was the importance of maintaining these brands to retain choice and differentiation in the market,” says Elaine Ferguson, Inizio Medical Global President.

“What also came across was the need to bolster the strategic capabilities required more and more by medical affairs in the commercialization of new products. Consistently we were hearing from our clients that advanced analytics, specifically designed for medical, were key not only to informing strategy, but also measuring its effectiveness.

“Patient engagement as a dedicated function, along with the need to generate real-world evidence, were also high on the list of priorities for our clients.”

A reflection of hard work

Ryan Quigley, Inizio COO, adds: “I’m delighted to see Inizio Medical and Evoke listed so highly in the Agency100. This is a reflection of the incredible hard work our teams have put in to grow our client base and build strong, trusted relationships.

“Both business units demonstrate Inizio’s unrivaled scientific knowledge, ingenuity, and agility. By connecting expertise, market intelligence, actionable data, cutting-edge tech, and creative execution, Inizio provides tailored skills and services precisely when our clients need them.”

You can see the full 2023 MM+M Agency100 list here.