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Imagine a future at Inizio Medical: Matt Lewis, Global Chief Medical Analytics and Innovation Officer

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At Inizio Medical, we strive to not only be at the forefront but to also reshape the landscape of Medical in drug development and commercialization. To gain more insight into the role of medical communications and its leaders, we spoke with Matt Lewis, Global Chief Medical Analytics and Innovation Officer at Inizio Medical, to learn about his experiences at Inizio Medical and his aspirations for the future of the medical industry.

What does your typical day at Inizio Medical look like?

A typical day in my role at Inizio Medical is a mix of strategic ideation and aligning the company’s work with the needs of the Inizio network.

Around a third of my job is dedicated to taking the time to understand the needs of the industry and proposing projects and solutions to meet them. Another third is about refining and shaping our services and solutions for the future, staying ahead of emerging technologies, such as the ever-advancing artificial intelligence capabilities.

The final third is focused on talent optimization, including professional development and growth of our people to ensure they’re equipped to do the best work possible.

A lot of my role involves a level of reimagining – I work with our partners to help forecast the potential of their initiatives and inspire their teams to have the right mindset for the future.

What makes you proud to be part of Inizio Medical?

For me, I want to know that what I’m doing is positively impacting someone’s ability to do their job better, which ultimately means that patients are getting the drugs they need. I get that at Inizio Medical.

To be a part of a company that combines the best of strategy and execution with end-to-end collaboration and brings better outcomes to patients is something that gives my work true meaning.

What’s your greatest achievement to date at Inizio Medical? Do you have a moment that stands out as one you are particularly proud of?

Our greatest achievement to date, in my opinion, is not one that can be attributed to a single person but to the team as a whole. We have successfully integrated data and analytics into our strategy across every part of Inizio Medical.

This approach to work is not common across the industry, and we are proud to have been able to push this concept to the forefront. Our efforts have been recognized, and our function is now seen as central to the company’s operations.

This has resulted in investments, resources, and infrastructure being allocated to support our efforts, and our team is now recognized for the vital role we play in the success of the business. This is a wonderful achievement, and we are pleased to have made such a significant impact in this way.

What does the future hold for the medical industry?

We can expect the pharma industry to undergo more changes in the next three to five years than it has in the last thirty. The delivery of care is likely to change dramatically as a result of the pandemic, as people are becoming more comfortable with receiving treatment in their homes through telemedicine or other methods, instead of going to the doctor’s office or hospital.

Additionally, the remit of artificial intelligence is expected to increase significantly over the next couple of years, particularly in the creation of written and graphical content. This could change the way clients focus on content distribution, as they move from front-end problems to prioritize back-end ones instead.

Finally, the focus that people now place on their health has changed and will continue to evolve, with the pandemic increasing their awareness and leading them to prioritize their wellness, nutrition, and overall health over drugs. In light of these changes, it’s important for the pharma industry to reassess its role and figure out how to continue adding value in a rapidly evolving world.

What’s your greatest future aspiration for Inizio Medical?

I think my greatest future aspiration for Inizio Medical is to continue what we’ve always done as we strengthen our approach to collaboration with synergistic thinking. Ultimately, we want to help enhance the decisions of our partners by providing them with actionable, data-driven strategies that ultimately enhance patient outcomes. We believe that this has been the key to our success for many years and we are dedicated to upholding these values in the years to come.

Imagine a future at Inizio Medical

Working in medical strategy and communications is a rewarding career that offers our people purpose as we aim to build a better future for patients around the world alongside our partners.

Striving to become an industry leader in medical communication, Inizio Medical imagines a future where our people deliver transformative work that goes on to  impact, add value, and influence better outcomes for more patients around the world.