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Imagine a future at Inizio Medical: Aya-Takemoto Tokaji, SVP, Medical Affairs

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Across all teams at Inizio Medical, we are united in our goal to redefine the role of Medical in drug development and commercialization and pave the way for innovation as industry leaders.

To shed more light on the role of medical communications and leaders across the space, we spoke with Aya-Takemoto Tokaji, SVP of Medical Affairs at MEDiSTRAVA, an Inizio company. Here, she shares her thoughts on how her role has impacted her team’s work across Japan and discusses her vision for the future of the medical field.

What excites you most about working at Inizio Medical?

Working at Inizio Medical has been an exciting experience for me due to our  scale and depth of expertise and diverse client base with innovative partnerships across the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

It’s been very rewarding to be a part of the growth of the company, and this growth presents me with a unique opportunity to work on projects that combine my experience with familiar partners with the fresh perspectives of new ones working on exciting treatments in the mRNA space.

What does your typical day at Inizio Medical look like?

My typical day at Inizio Medical can vary hugely depending on which projects I’m currently working on. My day begins early as I touch base with our finance leader in New York before starting work on my latest projects. From tackling scientific topics to addressing operational issues, I provide expert guidance and support to our partners, ensuring their projects stay on track and on budget.

As my day progresses, I could be heading to a client meeting or participating in an advisory board or team meeting, where I get to share my insights and collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the business.

Then, as Europe wakes up by the end of my workday here in Asia, I work closely with our team in London, catching up on our current projects, sharing ideas, and brainstorming new strategies to help our partners succeed.

What makes you proud to work at Inizio Medical?

Working at Inizio Medical is a great source of pride for me, most notably throughout my role supporting our growing local team in Japan. Despite being a small team, we are supported by a large, global organization that provides us with the resources and expertise to meet our client’s needs.

Knowing that we can tap into a pool of exceptional talent whenever needed is invaluable to our teams. It’s not just the size of the network that makes us proud to work here, but also the quality of the people within it. With such a supportive network behind us at every step, we feel secure in our ability to provide the best possible solutions for our partners to offer them the support they need.

What’s your greatest achievement to date at Inizio Medical? Do you have a moment that stands out as one you are particularly proud of?

One of the greatest achievements at Inizio Medical is the growth of the organization, which has in turn contributed to the success of our partners. One moment that stands out as particularly proud is our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. When in-person interactions with healthcare providers and patients weren’t possible, our team pivoted to online lectures, webinars, and other digital activities. This proved to be a great success and provided much-needed information to the Japanese population.

Another achievement that stands out to me is my team’s involvement in a national project to provide COVID-19 vaccines to people in Japan. We ran this project alongside a company that, in just one year, had grown into a fully-fledged pharmaceutical company, operating on its own and making a significant impact in the fight against COVID-19.

My team had the pleasure of supporting this great company from its very beginning and is proud of its contribution to the Japanese population during the pandemic. Despite still needing more resources and personnel, the company is well on its way to making a lasting impact on the healthcare industry and on patients across the country.

What does the future hold for the medical industry?

The integration of digital and telehealth technologies, including AI-supported technologies, is certain to have a significant impact on the future of the medical industry.

This technological shift is expected to increase the importance of evidence-based communication and make it even more necessary. Medical and scientific communicators and consulting teams, like Inizio Medical, will play a crucial role in convincing healthcare professionals and the general public of the value of scientific evidence and medical information.

However, the pandemic has highlighted a growing disparity in views and interest levels among healthcare professionals. Some have become sceptical of certain therapies such as  mRNA vaccines, while others are becoming increasingly informed and knowledgeable about them.

As medical science and scientific communication specialists, it will be important for us to address these differing opinions and provide accurate information that leads to happier and healthier lives for everyone, whether they are healthcare professionals or members of the general public.

What’s your greatest future aspiration for Inizio Medical, and does it line up with your own personal aspirations?

I started in medical communications as a  translator, interpreter, and medical writer, and I have seen the recognition of these roles evolve over the years. The industry has come to see translators and medical writers as important partners in the communication process, and the role of a publication manager has become an integral part of the scientific strategy discussion.

My greatest future aspiration for Inizio Medical aligns with this recognition of value in each role within the team. I’m happy to see that across the company every person who joins our network, regardless of their role or years of experience, is recognized and valued for the contributions they bring. This recognition ensures that there is always a role model or someone within the team to aspire to be like in the future, providing a clear path for growth and advancement across all roles at Inizio Medical.

Imagine a future at Inizio Medical

Working in medical strategy and communications is a rewarding career that offers our people purpose as we aim to build a better future for patients around the world alongside our partners.

Striving to become an industry leader in medical communication, Inizio Medical imagines a future where our people deliver transformative work that goes on to  impact, add value, and influence better outcomes for more patients around the world.