Home Insights Creating a global scientific and communications narrative for new class of MS biological

Creating a global scientific and communications narrative for new class of MS biological

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The challenge

The client was launching a new class of multiple sclerosis monoclonal antibody (MOA) treatment, designed to target B-cells. There was a need to raise awareness of MOA, and communicate – via a wealth of data and different media – the need for both the treatment and the drug’s efficacy and safety across all areas that were impacted.

A revised global narrative was required to help tell the scientific story.

Our connected solution

The solution required close collaboration between our Inizio Medical and Inizio MarComms business units.

Apothecom (Inizio Medical) developed a new online portal to easily search and access data on MOA and the new treatment. Whilst Ashfield MedComms (Inizio Medical) and Evoke Galliard (Inizio MarComms) collaborated to develop the key messaging pillars, proof points, and structure for the portal, alongside all the visuals employed.

The solution required both communications skill and scientific expertise. It incorporated:

  • A number of senior leader interviews across the research, medical and commercial teams
  • Eight affiliate interviews
  • Competitor and social listening analysis
  • The strategic review of more than 80 peer-review publications and abstracts
  • Development of a strategic narrative structure
  • The drafting of new messaging to be included on the new portal for the use of Medical Science liaisons
  • Delivery of workshops for key MOA treatment teams

The value created

Following the launch of the new treatment, a follow-up survey found that the new messaging had a significant real-world impact. Both within healthcare and in the public mindset, understanding of MOA and the new treatment available had received a much-needed boost.