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Robust data analysis with Navigator.ai

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Inizio Advisory Client Success Story

Using our proprietary data platform to help a top global biopharma integrating and analyzing large amounts of data from multiple sources.

Client Challenge
  • The client approached us with a need to make their data analysis more robust. The requirement was to enable patient-level longitudinal analysis with enhanced coverage, which would require integrating two large data sets from Komodo and IQVIA.
Our Solution
  • With the power of our innovative consultant-led and AI-driven data platform, Navigator, we were able to swifty integrate the two large data sets. Integrating ~410 GB data rapidly, Navigator also facilitated the setup of data pipelines to enable a monthly refresh.
The Results
  • Our client can confidently analyze data that is integrated, updated, and tokenized. To date, ~840 GB of data has been processed, connected and tokenized seamlessly with help of the Navigator data platform.

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