Home Insights Are your commercial teams aligned to your strategy?

Are your commercial teams aligned to your strategy?

As a pharma leader, you know only too well how much time, money, and effort it takes to develop and bring a product to launch – and create a brand and marketing strategy to support it.

But all that hard work can be seriously undermined if your strategy isn’t thoroughly understood by your frontline teams, or they’re not properly putting it into practice. Time and again, the first months of a launch define the overall product lifecycle – so can you really afford to have commercial teams get started, without being fully aligned and firing on all cylinders?

Even then, seemingly healthy starts can mask a multitude of issues and missed opportunities. While bottom-line sales and profit data might look good, it rarely gives you the entire picture. There might be a reason sale aren’t even stronger, you might be missing a problem that leads to premature tail-off, or your brand might be doing exceptionally well in one territory but falling short in another. Understanding what’s happening – and why – is crucial.

But getting a clear picture can be a challenge. It’s not easy to determine whether your teams are making the right connections with healthcare providers, especially as market demands and expectations shift – or new competitors emerge. Even if you know how well you’re doing against your plans, how do you keep hitting the right targets when the goalposts are constantly moving?

Whether you’re launching a new drug or working to revive an existing product, STEM CEO Dermot Kenny explains how a better understanding of your teams’ interactions with target prescribers can help you accelerate brand performance and improve patient outcomes. Read the full article here.