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Better coaching leads to increased patient share

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STEM’s client was facing a global move to an increased virtual client engagement environment and an influx of competitors had made the sales environment for a specialist prescription medicine client increasingly difficult. As a result of the challenges, the client’s patient share in the market had plateaued.

So how did STEM manage to achieve the following results? Learn more here. 

  • 3% increase in patient market share since the start of the training intervention (*IQVIA relevant reference market)
  • 53% of optimal coaching outcome (industry average = 46%)
  • 10/10 sales manager confidence when using new coaching model
  • Brand X n#1 in dynamic patient shares (39%) (Naïve + switch)
  • 60% of field-coaching reports now include a SMART action plan (*vs. 20% in previous STEM observation)
  • 9.7/10 training score for FLSMs