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What Biden’s AI Executive Order Means for Healthcare and the Life Sciences

Matt Lewis, Global Chief Artificial and Augmented Intelligence Officer at Inizio Medical, and Will Reese, Chief Innovation Officer at Evoke, an Inizio Company, recently participated in a discussion regarding PM360’s article ‘What Biden’s AI Executive Order Means for Healthcare and the Life Sciences’.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, industries subject to regulation, such as healthcare and life sciences, find themselves at a pivotal moment. The advent of groundbreaking technologies like generative artificial intelligence (AI) offers unprecedented opportunities to rethink operational paradigms, foster innovation, and drive expansion. President Biden’s recent Executive Order underscores the imperative of taking decisive action to address the inherent risks associated with AI. It outlines several industry-specific recommendations for the healthcare sector, including enhancing healthcare data quality, leveraging AI to enhance the safety of healthcare professionals and patients, addressing equity considerations, and deploying AI in local contexts.

Among the notable mandates is the directive to formulate a comprehensive strategic plan for AI utilization in health and human services within a 90-day timeframe, encompassing regulatory implications and additional policy suggestions. From the perspective of life sciences, the Executive Order provides valuable insights into leveraging AI for research and development, particularly concerning bio-design tools and nucleic acid sequencing.

Moreover, it acknowledges the importance of anticipating potential misuse of AI technology, a concern exacerbated by the proliferation of misinformation, fake news, and bot-generated content on social media platforms. Despite recent advancements, the absence of robust regulatory and legislative oversight poses an ongoing challenge, particularly in heavily regulated sectors like healthcare.

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