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Inizio Launch Elevate.

Our connected experts unlock, activate and optimize the value of your healthcare innovation at each pivotal moment of your product launch journey.

Your strategic product launch partner.

Strategic alignment across each pivotal moment is crucial to your success, and we’re by your side at every step of the journey.

Underpinned by evidence, data and technology to help navigate your most complex challenges, Inizio Launch Elevate provides breadth of expertise and connected capabilities designed to accelerate and simplify your product launch.

Our product launch expertise in numbers*:

*Based on company revenue data 2021-2022 & external sources (Evaluate Pharma)


of all product launches in the last two years have been supported by Inizio


of the top performing products were launched in partnership with Inizio


>40% of Inizio-supported assets projected to be blockbuster products (2021-2028)

Maximizing the impact of your product launch.

As you prepare to launch your treatment, you face complexities that require specialized support to maximize its impact on all stakeholders, from providers to the patients who need it most.

Working closely with you, Inizio Launch Elevate’s capabilities help develop a comprehensive and customized launch strategy that addresses the unique needs of your product. From research and development to regulatory approval, marketing and distribution, we have the in-depth knowledge and resources to help you achieve a seamless and successful product launch.

How does Inizio Launch Elevate support you at each pivotal moment?

Unlock your product’s innovation: Our connected capabilities across market and patient insights, launch strategy and framework development help ensure strategic team alignment throughout your product launch.

Overcome evolving challenges: Equip your MSLs with scientific and medical education and training that addresses key challenges by creating engaging, informed stakeholder interactions at product launch and beyond.

Harness comprehensive and customized solutions: Achieve successful product launches through a tailor-made approach to brand development and marketing excellence; from launch strategy and customer engagement to omnichannel marketing and post-launch performance management.

Confidently navigate the complex product launch landscape: Mobilize and train your teams across scientific, medical, patient and promotional engagement to deliver the right message at the right time in the right channel to inspire lasting change.

Commercialization lifecycle.

The journey to patients is a multi-year and resource intensive effort with high commercial stakes at play. Throughout it there are an array of “get-right” pivotal moments for pharma and biopharma that acutely influence the likelihood of product success and pace in the purposeful endeavor to speedily get the right treatments to patients who need it the most. Below outlines this journey and several pivotal moments.


• Identify target disease and develop drug to modulate it
• Estimate potential benefit and identify patient population


• Drug enters pre-clinical and clinical test stages (Phase I, II, III) to assess compound safety, efficacy and mechanism of action
• Regulatory submission, review and approval


• Capture stakeholder/customer/physician insights to inform market access and commercialization strategy
• Develop pricing and reimbursement strategy
• Identify and develop product unique value proposition
• Launch planning


• Activation of drug commercialisation strategy including drug marketing and promotion
• Stakeholder engagement (Key Opinion Leaders, Healthcare Professionals, payers and patients)
• Sales force effectiveness
• Initiation of patient support programs


• Post-marketing surveillance (sales, performance, market trends, patient feedback)
• Real-World Evidence (RWE) tracking to monitor drug efficacy/safety and demonstrate cost-effectiveness to payers/healthcare decision-makers

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