Home Insights Podcast: ChatGPT and the Chief AI Officer

Podcast: ChatGPT and the Chief AI Officer

Matt Lewis, Global Chief Artificial and Augmented Intelligence Officer at Inizio Medical, took part in a recent podcast with CPO playbook regarding ‘ChatGPT and the role of the Chief AI Officer.’ 

Due to the rapid integration of AI, organizations are struggling to keep up, with only 8% implementing fundamental practices essential for broad AI adoption, as outlined in Harvard Business Review’s “Building an AI-Powered Organization” (Fountaine, T., McCarthy, B., & Saleh, T., 2019). 

The fundamental issue behind this challenge stems from the organizational culture, which dictates the pace and course of advancement. At the forefront of shaping this culture is the emerging leadership role of the Chief AI Officer. This role is still undergoing definition and development. In this podcast, you will hear more about the responsibilities of the Chief AI Officer and examine the obstacles this position encounters. 

Listen to the full podcast on the CPO Playbook website: CPO Playbook Podcast 

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