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A first-class patient engagement service: Do strategic partnerships hold the key?

Personalized engagement offerings are crucial for providing high-quality support that meets the unique needs of each patient. However, it can be challenging to effectively offer this, with factors such as age, location, illness, and personal identity all playing a role in determining a patient’s specific engagement needs. 

This becomes especially difficult in smaller or unfamiliar markets where resources may be limited and local knowledge is lacking. Without proper planning and affordable solutions, it may be difficult to deliver a satisfactory patient support program that meets the needs of all patients across these markets. 

Placing the needs of all patient populations at the center of a pharmaceutical engagement strategy is key to ensuring the success of a global product launch. 

One of the most effective ways to achieve this success is through strategic partnerships, which can help to deliver high-quality patient engagement support even in niche patient populations. 


The importance of digitalization 

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in the use of digital tools and remote engagement channels, such as smart devices that monitor missed doses of medication and send alerts to patients via a smartphone application. 

These devices can be used in conjunction with call center support and remote healthcare professional (HCP) engagement solutions like video conference calls with medical experts and online chat tools. 

These tools offer rich data insights that can help HCPs make more informed decisions about their patients’ medication and healthcare needs. As a result, they will be better placed to provide a higher standard of patient support to smaller and new markets, without requiring dedicated expert teams on the ground.

However, to fully utilize these technologies, pharmaceutical companies must also have the necessary infrastructure and human resources in place to ensure the essential personal element of care is made available to patients. 


How can strategic partnerships help? 

By entering into strategic partnerships with specialized third-party providers, pharmaceutical companies can effectively utilize digitalization and offer high-quality support services to patients in all key markets. 

These specialists, who possess advanced technological systems and teams of medical and market experts, can provide both the technology and human support needed to empower pharmaceutical companies in providing the best possible care to patients through the most beneficial channels. 

In our piece with Pharmaceutical Commerce, Ian Riches, Global Vice President of Patient Solutions/Head of Patient Solutions Europe, discusses the importance of working with specialist partners to help optimize the support provided to patients, not just in established markets, but in even the smallest or newest markets.

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