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Staying Engaged: How can pharma up its game when it comes to patient engagement?

Pharmaceutical companies strive to prioritize patient-centered operations and processes, yet many fall short in effectively engaging patients in their programs. 

Patient engagement programs are crucial for the treatment of diseases, providing a patient-centered approach that can lead to improved quality and safety outcomes. However, enrolling enough patients into these programs remains a key challenge.


Overcoming low participant numbers

The biggest challenge facing these programs is the low level of patient participation. Due to a lack of patient referrals, many are missing out on additional healthcare support, potentially negatively impacting health outcomes.

The root causes of low participation in patient engagement programs include regulatory constraints and a lack of understanding on the part of pharma companies. Sales teams face limitations on what they can discuss with healthcare providers, and calls about support programs are often not included in sales performance metrics, creating little incentive for sales representatives to actively promote them. 


Improving patient enrollment 

To improve patient uptake of these programs, both pharma companies and healthcare providers must have a better understanding of patient needs to effectively communicate the value of engagement programs and encourage patient enrollment.

Pharmaceutical companies should re-evaluate their approach to marketing patient engagement programs to healthcare providers. This includes providing training for sales teams to better understand and promote the programs, incorporating patient support programs into training events, and committing to a more holistic approach to treatment. 

Companies may also need to re-evaluate their investment in patient engagement programs and consider launch excellence strategies to ensure that resources are used effectively.

In a piece with the Medicine Maker, Ian Riches, Global Vice President of Patient Solutions and Head of Patient Solutions Europe at Ashfield Engage, an Inizio company explains how to overcome barriers to patient engagement in pharma programs. 


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