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Omnichannel: More than a buzzword?

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Omnichannel is about meeting patients where they are: adapting to an individual’s personal preferences, then providing a bespoke service that can be operationalized at scale. It’s a big ask, but with the right tools, we can deliver an evolving — yet seamless — experience.

Streamline your tech and improve the patient experience

Are your patients receiving a true omnichannel experience? Are your vendors accountable? Inizio Engage’s Trak360™ is the brainchild of this experience — a solution for the disjointed content and communication that happens when multiple platforms are patching together the work of one.

Visual reporting tools (no more Excel files to decipher), a streamlined delivery system for patient/care partner content and tools to close the patient feedback loop all fold in to create a seamless experience for the patient.

On the back end, our clients are also receiving insights and data to help pivot programs and messaging with greater precision. Capabilities will continue to evolve — and as patients grow accustomed to relevant, always-on content, pharma will need to keep pace with delivering on those expectations.

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