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Marketing in cell and gene therapy: How to stand out from the crowd

Technologies are continuing to advance and cell and gene therapies (C&GTs) are fast becoming more widely recognized as treatments with significant potential. As a result, there are many growing opportunities for marketers to set themselves apart from traditional approaches to treatment.


Focusing on patient communications

C&GTs are uniquely focused on the patient, making effective communication with patients and their families crucial to their success. With plenty of misconceptions and apprehensions held by not only patients but the general public too, companies must tailor their communication strategies to address these concerns to overcome hesitation and improve treatment outcomes.


Harnessing patient data 

Utilizing the insights gathered from existing patient data is key to delivering targeted and meaningful communications strategies. For patients living with rare diseases, many of which may have been engaging with healthcare and treatments from a very young age, a sense of community with other patients is very important. However, some patients may feel that if they are “cured,” they will no longer be able to identify with the community that has supported them. 

By understanding the specific concerns and wants of patients regarding C&GTs, companies can craft a communication plan that keeps patients engaged with their treatment while maintaining their sense of community.


Leveraging influencer marketing strategies

Additionally, companies should leverage influencer marketing and advocacy by engaging patients in online communities and working to understand what they want to communicate about their condition. This can help increase awareness of the disease and the importance of C&GTs.

In a piece with Pharma Live, Ben Beckley, President of Evoke Mind+Matter, an Inizio company, explores the importance of standing out in the market and examines the potential opportunities for C&GT developers.


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