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Letter from UDG Senior Executive Team on Standing Up to Racism and Discrimination

15 June 2020

Colleagues, Partners and Friends,

We at UDG stand together in solidarity with all our colleagues particularly, at this time, the black community and their families everywhere in the fight for equality and condemn any form of racism or discrimination. We cannot remain silent when injustice is clear for everyone to see.  We owe it to the millions who face the sharp reality of inequality, the denial of opportunity, and the pain of discrimination to add our voice and commit to help to build a better future.

At UDG diversity, equality and inclusiveness are integral to who we are and the way we work both internally and with our partners and communities.  We will inject fresh energy, focus and perspective into our Diversity & Inclusion strategy and our conversation about how we can contribute positively to our world. We will be looking for additional ways to learn, to improve and to look at areas where we can create real change and opportunity.

During COVID-19 we have talked about a new normal being established – our new normal should unequivocally demand an absence of racism as we return to our lives. We believe in the amazing abilities of humanity to achieve the impossible in advancing medicine and healthcare.  We also have faith in humanity to live out the basic values of equality, inclusiveness, and respect for all. As leaders of a global company, we must continue to do everything we can to ensure these goals are achieved without any compromise in our workplace and that we contribute positively to the communities in which we operate.

At UDG we intend to listen more to each other and all strive to do better. We don’t have all the answers right now, but we must take the time to reflect and consider what further part we can play to ensure our society is fairer, less divided and celebrates the beauty in diversity.

The Senior Executive Team, UDG Healthcare Plc.