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Implementing omnichannel to improve HCP engagement

Vynamic helps a life sciences client implement and embrace omnichannel to drive customer engagement and accelerate brand performance.

Client Challenge

Falling behind in a more customer-centric, digital world, a life sciences client needed to re-evaluate how to engage with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Existing marketing consisted of non-personalized, static content, with little or no actionable insights. So the goal was to implement an omnichannel ecosystem that would create a better, more personalized customer experience through relevant, dynamic information across the channels HCPs preferred.

Our Approach

Inizio Advisory company Vynamic is an expert in this field, and recognizes that omnichannel isn’t just a new way of marketing – it demands cross-functional collaboration with internal and external partners, adopting new technologies, methodologies, and measurement. Vynamic’s approach focused on four key areas:

  1. Developing an omnichannel strategy, with tactics that directly supported brand objectives.
  2. Developing program- and project-level governance, with clear roles, responsibilities, and cross-functional workstreams.
  3. Producing training, materials, and guidance to help the team understand what omnichannel is, why it matters, and how to use it effectively.
  4. Executing a robust communications plan across 12 cross-functional teams, numerous partners, and agencies.

The Results

Vynamic’s comprehensive, tailored approach accelerated the client’s successful adoption and integration of omnichannel, showing positive effects on customer engagement, marketing efficiency, and ultimately return on investment. Perhaps just as importantly, many stakeholders evolved from omni-skeptics to omni-advocates, helping others to understand the benefits of true omnichannel when orchestrated and coordinated in the right way.