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Helping patients see again with a powerful campaign

The Challenge

Two years after the launch of a gene therapy medication to treat an inherited retinal disease (IRD), our client wanted to reinvigorate their brand.

The challenge for Ashfield Health company Mind+Matter was to create a compelling new campaign to encourage HCPs to prescribe the brand and generate interest from a broader group of patients.

The Approach

Through research, Mind+Matter discovered that HCPs were hesitant to prescribe due to unfamiliarity with the therapy – and many potential patients were on the fence about having the treatment at all.

Research showed that the treatment itself was polarising – with some seeing it as changing a core element of their identity – so a hard sell wouldn’t be effective. However, just focusing on the data wouldn’t have any emotional resonance.

Working closely with the client, Mind+Matter creatives developed a powerful, carefully balanced campaign that focused on building a sense of urgency in the HCPs. It also brought to life how the therapy helps patients once again experience intimate, real-life moments.

Alongside imagery and messages focused on these moments – such as seeing a rainbow – the campaign was supported by brand champions and a mentor programme. The aim was to nurture a sense of community and help patients explore the idea of treatment in a space that was authentic and deeply human.

The Results

Following concept testing and market research, the campaign was launched (despite additional challenges caused by the pandemic) and rolled out across HCP and patient websites, visual aids, brochures, conference panels and more.

The campaign was a significant success that improved HCP and patient engagement and led to an increase in brand uptake.

“A big thank you, you’ve been amazing”