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How can we fulfill the promise of cell and gene therapy?

The cell and gene therapy space is growing at an impressive rate, and is expected to grow from $7.7 billion in 2021 to $13.8 billion by 2026, growing at at a CAGR of 12.4%.

High global cancer rates and the subsequently increased investment into cancer and rare disease treatment research are key drivers of this growth. There is also growing interest across pharmaceutical companies to collaborate with specialist partners, which is also helping to advance research and development into cell and gene therapies. 

But growth in this sector is not without its challenges. Aside from obstacles such as pricing, reimbursement, manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics, pharmaceutical companies must be aware of the challenges facing patients and their healthcare providers when it comes to cell and gene therapies. 


Overcoming patient and healthcare provider skepticism

As a relatively new treatment offering, patients, their families, and healthcare providers often have questions, concerns, and apprehensions about cell and gene therapies.  

These hesitations include:

  • Length of treatment: Time away from home, loneliness, and the financial burdens of treatment, such as travel and accommodation, are key concerns for patients and their families. 
  • Breaking familiar treatment routines: Switching to a new therapy and disrupting existing treatment habits is a concern for healthcare providers. 
  • Hesitation to prescribe: while optimistic about the potential of cell and gene therapies, many healthcare providers may be hesitant to recommend them to their patients until they have seen more results from their peers. 

Overcoming these challenges requires pharmaceutical companies to strengthen their communications strategies to provide support in overcoming the various logistical and knowledge challenges of cell and gene therapies. 

By clearly communicating information on these therapies using plain and strategic language, pharmaceutical companies will achieve greater success in getting more patients enrolled in cell and gene therapy programs. 


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