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Frequently asked questions about building an effective scientific communications platform

Emerging biotech companies are at the forefront of innovation across the pharmaceutical industry. Leveraging cutting-edge science and inherent agility, these innovators are able to develop life-saving therapies that address the often unmet needs of niche patient populations. 

Although these emerging biotechs may excel in the discovery and clinical development of investigational therapies, they face a unique challenge in managing their pre-launch lifecycle. One of the critical elements is deciding how and when they should begin developing medical affairs expertise and associated core programs. 

Critically, failure to share clinical data at the right points, and with a consistent voice, can leave biotechs falling behind when it comes to gaining shareholder buy-in. But gathering this vital data takes time, and planning so far ahead may not be on the radar for many of these innovators at tentative stages early in clinical development.

So, how and when should emerging biotechs seek the support of a specialist partner to develop a scientific communications platform that meets the needs of their various audiences? In this article, Luis Perez, Senior Commercial Director at Nucleus Global, an Inizio Medical company, answers some of the questions most frequently asked by emerging biotechs building their platforms. 

Why do emerging biotechs need a scientific communications platform?

Leaders within emerging biotech companies may not have a background in medical communications and may not recognize the need for or importance of such a platform. 

Starting the process of building an impactful platform often requires stakeholders to do internal selling to convince their teams why they should work with a specialist partner. There may also be internal misalignment and education needed on what a scientific platform is and why it’s essential for the company’s success. 

Overcoming these challenges requires effective communication and education to help biotech leadership understand the value of a scientific communication platform and the role it plays in achieving their business goals.

How to achieve scientific communications platform success?

Ensuring that a scientific communications platform is successful all comes down to alignment. It’s essential for biotechs to have a clear understanding of what their narrative is, how they want to position themselves in the market and tell their scientific story to payers, healthcare providers, patients and other stakeholders.

By working with a partner specialized in developing these platforms as early as possible, biotechs can ensure that all their deliverables are well-aligned to tell their scientific story. This partner can help ensure that all deliverables within the strategic medical and publication plans support a cohesive strategy and carry forward a consistent message that hits the right points for each target audience. 

Additionally, it is critical that a scientific communications platform is developed in a user-friendly digital format. Long gone are the days of lengthy presentations with excessive references that ultimately go unused. Instead, app- or web-based digital platforms offer intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that allow users to navigate between disease indications. Content is neatly organized by key pillars such as the mechanism of action (MoA) and the mode of delivery (MoD), clinical program, efficacy and safety as well as health economics and outcomes research data. In addition, revisions to scientific messages can be carried over into all key slide decks within the platform. The ultimate objective is to ensure that all stakeholders can easily access the platform and quickly find the most recent scientific statements and related content.

By taking a proactive approach to building this platform, biotechs can ensure a cohesive and unified voice for their products. 

When is the right time to start building the platform?

Faced with a wide range of immediate challenges, many emerging biotechs don’t turn their attention to their scientific communications platform until they need one imminently. 

There are many factors that may influence this delay, with activities such as fundraising taking priority over building their platform. However, those delaying this key element of their strategy until it’s too late risk delays in data releases or misinformation within key publications, press releases and other forms of data disclosure. It is critical to establish a consistent scientific narrative from day one to ensure that healthcare providers (HCPs), investors and other key audiences receive an accurate and reliable story from the outset. For example, having to correct course due to inconsistent or inaccurate descriptions of the MoA will undoubtedly have a negative impact on future initiatives.

It is therefore crucial for biotechs to consider building their scientific communications platform as soon as they start to receive promising early preclinical data. This includes developing an advisory board/council and seeking advice from the broader HCP community to pressure test and ensure successful communication of their scientific narrative and research.

Choosing the right multi-specialized partner

There are many moving parts to navigate when crafting a successful scientific communications platform, and biotechs often require the guidance of a dedicated expert to ensure they meet the needs of their audiences.

Inizio Biotech brings together expert teams from its connected network, including Nucleus Global, to help biotech companies develop platforms that ensure alignment in messaging, narrative and lexicon to support their data communication initiatives. From the earliest preclinical stages through to post-launch support, Inizio Biotech is equipped with multi-specialized expertise to help you navigate each stage of the commercial journey with confidence. 

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