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Evolution or Revolution? Innovations in the Medical Affairs Landscape

Matt Lewis, Global Chief Artificial and Augmented Intelligence Officer, and David Woods, Vice President leading the Medical Analytics and Innovation Portfolio at Inizio Medical, have recently participated in a discussion hosted by the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) on the topic of ‘Enhancing Medical Affairs Outcomes through Innovation.’ 

The discussion revolves around the ongoing evolution of the Medical Affairs landscape and whether the changes happening can be classified as an evolution or a revolution. Key responsibilities of Medical Affairs teams include analyzing and presenting insights from complex life sciences innovations to support their introduction to the market effectively. However, the environment in which medical divisions operate is constantly evolving due to various factors such as digital advancements, societal changes, demographic shifts, the aftermath of the pandemic, and cultural dynamics. 

In this article, the authors explore strategies to promote innovation within the Medical Affairs domain, enabling teams to achieve optimal outcomes for patients and transform healthcare delivery. 

Read the full article on the MAPS website: MAPS 

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