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Creating a global enterprise solution for the introduction of a new vaccine

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The challenge

A major pharma and biotech company needed our help to support their vaccine in over 40 countries across the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Achieving their goal would require using all the connected and specialist services areas at our disposal.

We would need to move at speed, to the appropriate scale, and achieve the highest standards of quality across a full range of commercialization methods.

Our connected solution

Meeting the client’s needs meant the deployment of a comprehensive set of consulting, commercial and scientific services.  Achieving the client’s goal required the support of a network of global customer service contact centers and the creation of an impactful and dynamic medical communications program.

The value created

The combined business units of Inizio Advisory, Inizio Evoke and Inizio Engage – delivered extensive training and rapid deployment of engagement through Regional Account Managers in the US, and MSLs spanning North America, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

Our team’s content development and production were highly successful. Their combined efforts resulted in the flawless execution of services across 14 educational webinars and 3 symposia, addressing a number of critical education needs including disease awareness and the Mechanism of Action for a novel vaccine technology.

Our network of global customer service contact centers is underpinned by integrated technology solutions supporting over 40 countries/territories in 32 languages.

We delivered medical education initiatives that included educational messaging, reactive knowledge content, and high-quality training material. Beyond that, our experts left behind a legacy of ongoing support.

Our customers benefited enormously in the long term from our work, both in terms of access to critical information and a system geared toward the successful support of a critically important vaccine.

Customer testimonial

The most effective, comprehensive, well-organized clinical training Medical Science Liaisons have ever received.”  – Client Lead, Medical Affairs