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Connecting performance benchmarking and a learning program to increase patient share

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The challenge

Our top 10 pharma client’s patient share in the market had plateaued.

This was due, in part, to the global shift towards virtual client engagement – plus an influx of competitors – that combined to make the specialist prescription medicine sales environment more and more difficult.

Our connected solution

As an organization, we brought value to the client by connecting specialists from Inizio Advisory (STEM) and Inizio Engage (Cormis) to blend an array of complimentary services to address the issue at hand.

Through the use of commercial performance benchmarking, our team found that the coaching methods used for the client’s sales representatives needed a revamp. Their method had fallen behind the level expected in the industry, and this was having a detrimental long-term impact.

We then brought in a revised program of capability development & training to help nurture and improve the coaching skills employed throughout the company. Our team also supplied further coaching to help their sales reps navigate the post-pandemic landscape more effectively.

The value created

Thanks to our support of our connected capabilities, the client saw a marked improvement in their overall culture.

Following our overhaul of the client’s methodology, when the business was assessed in greater depth, the evolution was clear:

  • Front Line Service Managers achieved a training score of 9.7/ 10.
  • Sales Managers also expressed greater confidence after using the new model, with a coaching result well above the average for the industry at 10/10.
  • The company now includes SMART action plans in their field-coaching reports, to help meet their goals and keep track of different challenges.
  • As a result of our work, customers now enjoy a vastly improved service in terms of overall engagement, and flawless interactions with the client’s sales representatives.

This all had a notable impact on patient share. The client had gained a 3% increase since the start of our partnership, with their products achieving greater visibility as a result.