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Ashfield advances integrated service offering with three new business units

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26 January 2021

Ashfield, part of UDG Healthcare plc, today announced the formation of three business units to bolster its integrated healthcare services across strategic consulting, benchmarking, commercialisation, customer engagement, events, marketing and communications.

The creation of the three business units; Ashfield AdvisoryAshfield Engage and Ashfield Health, follows Ashfield’s strategic acquisition of 22 businesses over the last 10 years aimed at strengthening its integrated service portfolio to support its clients, healthcare professionals and their patients.

The move is also in direct response to continued demand from clients for deeper partnerships and will enable greater collaboration between Ashfield’s experts to solve multi-faceted and complex challenges.

The three business units clearly articulate the capabilities within each business unit and how each can support Ashfield’s diverse range of healthcare and life science companies:

  • Ashfield Advisory is a carefully curated ecosystem of healthcare advisory and consulting businesses with a targeted focus on accelerating business performance; connecting the expertise of VynamicPutnam AssociatesSMARTAnalyst and STEM Healthcare.
  • Ashfield Engage is a single strategic engagement partner across five specialist areas: Commercial, Patient Solutions, Medical Affairs, Market Access and Event Experiences. The team creates personalised, impactful experiences for healthcare audiences including HCPs, patients and payers.
  • Ashfield Health, formerly Ashfield Healthcare Communications, uses its collective, dynamic health marketing and communications teams to ultimately strive for better health. Today, Ashfield Health also unveils two new global agencies.

“Ashfield has always been driven by a desire to redefine and develop richer client partnerships, improving customer experience and outcomes. Our business has evolved in recent years due to a number of strategic and complementary acquisitions, and our new structure tells a simpler, stronger story. Most importantly, it enables our clients to access a breadth of industry-leading solutions and experience our collective expertise, combined with outstanding execution.” explains Ryan Quigley, Chief Operating Officer of Ashfield and UDG Healthcare plc.

“Throughout Ashfield, we are connected by imagination, strategy and action, in everything we do. Our capabilities in data and digital engagement are a good example of this and through innovative approaches we are enabling our clients to adapt to the present pandemic as well as helping them to prepare for the future. Our integrated offering will allow us to better meet clients’ needs, tackle their challenges with ingenuity and create tangible solutions.”