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A strong foundation of good governance underpins everything we do.

What Governance means to us.

Governance at Inizio means simple, transparent processes; clear roles and responsibilities; and accountability to our stakeholders across a wide range of ever-evolving topics, from ethics and information security to risk management.

Our Governance priorities in brief.

We aim to operate a robust and agile governance framework to support the successful delivery of the Group’s strategy by prioritising the following actions: 

Ensuring a strong ethical culture throughout the organization.

Enhancing internal governance processes and controls throughout all of Inizio’s legal entities.

Ensuring robust data governance and cyber security controls are in place.

Managing our supply chain responsibly.

Our ethics.

Our Code of Ethics is at the heart of everything we do. In addition to establishing the behaviors we expect, it sets out our positions and policies and supports our people when things go, or feel, wrong. The Code provides guidance for our people on how to promote each of the five Commitments.

Our Commitments to each other and our collective culture/s

Our policies and your responsibilities

Ask Yourself when faced with uncertainty

Speak Up when you know or feel things are wrong

Information security and data privacy.

The nature of our business means we process personal information. Such information may be provided by our clients, can include patient information, or may be information pertaining to our employees and their families. This means data security must be at the heart of everything we do, and we work closely with our stakeholders to protect all of the personal information we process or control. You can find out more in our 2023 Sustainability Report

Our 2023 Sustainability Report.

Access our 2023 Sustainability Report: ‘Building a sustainable future’ and explore the significant progress we’ve made on our sustainability journey so far.