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New Agency Joins Huntsworth

7 July 2021

Huntsworth acquires medical analytics firm MedEvoke

We are delighted to announce the latest addition to the Huntsworth family with the acquisition of US based medical analytics consultancy MedEvoke.

MedEvoke will come into the MEDiSTRAVA Division and operate as a core part of the Consulting group making it the largest global consultancy for medical analytics and deepens the application of artificial intelligence (AI) for biotech and pharma clients.

With this acquisition, we are also delighted to announce the creation of new leadership roles within the MEDiSTRAVA Division:

Marc Sirockman, President of MedEvoke will take on a broader Executive role within MEDiSTRAVA as Global Chief Commercial Officer reflecting both the importance of MedEvoke within the combined organization as well as the commercial focus required to take full advantage of both the expansive internal and external market available to MEDiSTRAVA with the continued growth and evolution of Huntsworth. Marc will retain his position in MedEvoke as CEO working with his existing leadership team and supporting the integration with MEDiSTRAVA Consulting.

Anna Walz, Founder of MedEvoke, will transition into a Non-Executive Director role for MEDiSTRAVA as a Senior Strategic Advisor to the Executive Leadership Team and retain her affiliation to MedEvoke as Founder and CEO Emeritus, MedEvoke. A key part of Anna’s strategic role will be in guiding the formation of a dedicated Medical Analytics function, how we validate and communicate the role of Medical Analytics both internally and externally and how as a combined group we accelerate the adoption and outsourcing of Medical Analytics as a core strategic function in Medical Affairs and Clinical Development.

Who is MedEvoke and what do they do?

MedEvoke is a strategic consultancy, focused on data and analytics for both medical affairs and clinical trials. They serve the biopharmaceutical industry and have been leaders in the space over the last few years. The MedEvoke team is 30+ strong including a range of skill sets across data, advanced analytics, medical strategy, content development, client partnership and project management. The team is HQ in New Jersey, USA with team members throughout the US.

Why did we seek to acquire MedEvoke?

The increasing complexity of data insights and evidence sources is driving the Medical Affairs functions of Pharma, biotech and life sciences companies to seek analysts and AI specialists to help to gather, interpret and advise on the insights and implications.

Advanced analytics are a key part of strategic planning and predictive market analyses – critical elements of our Consultancy work. The combined MEDiSTRAVA data and analytics and MedEvoke team will function as a core part of the Consulting Practice – a multi-functional, global group of more than 60 strategic specialists from across investor relations and corporate communications, medical and regulatory affairs, HEOR and market access, and advanced analytics and technology platforms.

The combined MedEvoke and MEDiSTRAVA group brings an enhanced set of capabilities within the scope of medical analytics to address increasing sources and complexity of data. Expertise from the group combines insight generation from multiple real-world evidence sources, AI-powered business intelligence reporting enabling rapid and extensive analysis of multiple data sources, advanced sentiment analysis extending multiple traditional and social channels, as well as established tools and platforms that combine AI, advanced analytics and user-experience design.

How can I work with the MedEvoke team?

MEDiSTRAVA Consulting is a purpose-built matrix of practice areas and expertise that can be accessed and applied across the diverse group of companies within Huntsworth to help those teams address client needs and to further differentiate Huntsworth companies as leaders in the industry.

The Medical Analytics function can assist teams across strategic planning, effectiveness and impact measurement and audience identification and targeting. Should you be interested in partnering with the medical analytics function, please speak to your business lead in the first instance.

Please find the full press release here.