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Maximizing the potential of every patient interaction with omnichannel experiences

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The challenge

The client was consolidating Patient Support Programs (PSP) to help improve their consistency, streamline their capabilities across the organization, and improve the overall patient experience.

Our challenge was to develop and refine a program that also improved the patient journey, promoted ongoing patient adherence, and helped foster patient loyalty.

Our connected solution

The already highly personal and human experience was enhanced with increased digital support.

Our team – which included Inizio Marcoms (Evoke Micromass) and Inizio Engage, – adopted an omnichannel strategy to help implement the changes. This was guided by behavioral science and experience design.

The process involved the hiring and training of 64 registered nurses to provide patients with medication. Device and disease state training was also implemented, with healthcare professionals educated on the new services available.

Beyond that, health coaching material was created and delivered, with an increased focus on empathy training. Additionally, a wide range of educational content was curated for patients.

The value created

Since initiation, our top 15 pharma experienced an 85% increase in enrollment.

On average, it now took under four hours to contact patients, after they’d been onboarded. Most gratifyingly, our satisfaction surveys came back with scores in the region of 99%.

Lastly, independent client audits showed a significant increase in participant adherence at 3, 6, and 9-month intervals for people taking part in Patient Support Programs.