Home Insights Inizio Medical Partners with Synthesia to Unlock AI-Powered Video Creation for Healthcare At Scale

Inizio Medical Partners with Synthesia to Unlock AI-Powered Video Creation for Healthcare At Scale

Inizio Medical has been certified as a recommended provider with Synthesia, the world’s leading AI video creation platform. This collaboration aims to empower life sciences organizations to unlock new opportunities to create high-quality, engaging video content at scale, and reach global audiences more effectively.

This certification leverages Inizio Medical’s deep understanding of healthcare communications with Synthesia’s cutting-edge AI technology, enabling us to continue to deliver impactful video content that resonates with target audiences.

Synthesia’s AI platform allows users to generate realistic human avatars delivering any script, in multiple languages and voices. Under the right use cases, this eliminates the need for traditional filming and production, saving time and supporting the delivery of more meaningful content to critical stakeholders. Inizio Medical’s Augmented Intelligence approach to AI in healthcare communications means we connect the power of technology with the expert skillset of our team to deliver great content that educates and connects healthcare professionals and patients while supporting content compliance, and the safe and secure use of AI for our clients.

Our experience in this space includes:

1. Rapid video creation: Speed time-to-delivery up to twice as fast as traditional video production approaches.

2. Global reach: Translate and localize video content into multiple languages for broader audiences, in near real time.

3. Personalized communication: Support hyper-customized content approaches and tailor medical communications content to the right target audience segments

4. Unlocking new content: Enable the creation of engaging content that may never have otherwise been released due to capacity constraints

To learn more about how Inizio Medical and Synthesia can help your healthcare organization unlock the power of AI-powered video creation, contact us here.