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Identifying micro-moments and how to leverage them

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As professionals in the pharmaceutical and healthcare space, we are all familiar with the importance of interaction between HCPs (healthcare professionals) and patients – through appointments or even telephone contact – in delivering a successful patient journey. 

But, do we fully understand how patients are feeling throughout their journey, when they are not in contact with their physicians? For many patients, there are micro-moments – small, critical points in their journey – between appointments when they need answers to a burning question about their treatment to provide them with essential peace of mind that they are on the right path for their health.  

How do we ensure that, in these micro-moments, they are supported and receive the information they require and in the right format, when they need it most? 

Ankit Patel, Partner at Putnam Associates, an Inizio Advisory company, explores how the pharmaceutical industry can better understand and utilize these micro-moments to enhance the patient experience throughout their journey. 

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