Home Insights Harnessing our meetings and creative expertise to deliver a VIP experience

Harnessing our meetings and creative expertise to deliver a VIP experience

The Challenge

For one of its clinical educator programmes, Ashfield Patient Solutions holds an annual Plan of Action (POA) meeting with its national team of clinical educators.

Ashfield Patient Solutions worked with Ashfield Event Experiences, with an aim to elevate the experience for clinical educators and ensure they felt appreciated and empowered in their day-to-day role.

Previously, the PoA was held at regional levels instead of one large meeting bringing attendees together. The increase in attendance, cost and travel time for the national team was a concern.

The Approach

Ashfield Event Experiences:

Secured a centrally located, cost-effective property based on attendee territories, travel feasibility and value for money.

Integrated the registration process into the overall communications plan to build anticipation and start delivery of key messages.

Provided a dedicated project team on-site to guarantee cohesive delivery of audiovisual and production elements.

Designed the general session, breakout tracks and welcome ceremony with customised room setup, lighting and projection to create impact and maximise engagement.

Built a one-of-a-kind VIP experience for attendees.

The Results

Key benefits reported by attendees:

  • Feeling valued and reinvigorated
  • Best practice sharing
  • Connections developed within own region as well as nationally

By working with the Ashfield Event Experiences team to manage all of the meeting elements, the Ashfield Patient Solutions team was able to focus on programme content and attendee engagement – they cited the PoA as the most successful they have had to date.