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Ashfield Excellence Academy launches to deliver specialist pharma and healthcare training

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13 October 2021

Ashfield Excellence Academy, previously Ashfield Insight & Performance, has renamed to more clearly reflect its purpose – to design, develop and deliver specialist training, skills assessment and process consultancy to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Ashfield Excellence Academy sits within Ashfield Engage, a business unit of Ashfield, part of UDG Healthcare.

The expert training agency has grown and enhanced its capabilities across three specialist divisions:

  • Pharma Knowledge Academy builds blended learning solutions using a wide range of formats, from traditional classroom training to gamification, animations, quizzes and healthcare professional interaction scenarios.
  • Pharma Skills Academy develops and delivers skills training, events and robust tools to embed excellence and assess medical and commercial capabilities and competencies.
  • Pharma Marketing Academy provides a distinctive combination of healthcare industry experience and training expertise to assess marketing capability, develop bespoke training and build processes that improve performance.

The three divisions combine to help clients across the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors improve their marketing and healthcare engagement strategies and performance.

Combining scientific and training expertise, Ashfield Excellence Academy works with a broad range of global and regional clients. It also works across the Ashfield network to bring together the right teams and skill sets to develop and deliver training solutions tailored to the client.

Lynn Hopkins, Managing Director at Ashfield Excellence Academy, commented on the rebrand:

“Ashfield Excellence Academy is at the forefront of the design and delivery of training and skills development in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors globally.”

“Our expert Training Consultants have decades of experience in commercial and clinical roles within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. All of our Scientific Training Writers are life science graduates, the majority PhD graduates, and all are trained in instructional design. As such, the team offers a unique industry knowledge, understanding the specific needs and trends shaping the sector. With this, we have provided hundreds of our pharma and healthcare clients with the right training solution for their needs since the company was set up in 2002.”

Ashfield Excellence Academy specialises in blended learning solutions across the full product lifespan, from pre-launch sales and medical training to launch and beyond. Expertise in instructional design enables the development of highly effective tailored training in a variety of interactive and innovative formats to maximise the learner experience. Training can be developed and delivered in a wide range of languages and tailored to meet local requirements.

Find out more by visiting their website here.