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Webinar – Key Findings and Missed Gems from ASCO 2024

GlobalThursday 27th June 20244:00 pmEurope/London

Join Inizio Medical for a special post-ASCO 2024 webinar.

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This informative session will delve into the most talked-about topics from the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting, providing in-depth analysis and unpacking key takeaways and gems you might have missed:

Evolution in Biomarkers and Precision Medicine in Oncology

This session will explore the latest developments in using biomarkers to guide cancer treatment decisions.

Expect insights into novel biomarkers for targeted therapies and personalized medicine approaches in treatment resistant and refractory disease.

The ADC Landscape 2024

This talk will provide an update on the current state of ADCs, a rapidly evolving class of cancer drugs. Key topics may include:

  • Promising new ADC platforms and targets
  • Key clinical trial results and updates
  • The impact of ADCs on the therapeutic landscape and patients

AI and the Future of Cancer Care

This session will explore the cutting-edge applications of AI that are revolutionizing healthcare. Discussions may cover:

  • Hottest areas of focus & innovation for medical teams
  • How AI is shaping the future of pharma-oncologist-patient interaction
  • Ethical considerations and data security

Little Fish, Big Pond: Making your oncology congress splash within any budget

This session offers practical advice for maximizing your impact at large scale conferences, even with limited resources. Explore:

  • Factors to consider in making go/don’t go congress decisions
  • Resource efficient ways to ensure your voice is heard in a crowded room
  • Promoting your presence and maximizing engagement at the event


  • Zackary Lentz: Global Chief Growth Officer, Inizio Medical
  • Andrea Cole: Business Unite President, Ashfield MedComms
  • David Segarnick: Chief Medical Officer/EVP, Medical Analytics and Innovation, MEDiSTRAVA
  • Will Fazzone: VP, Scientific Services, Nucleus Global
  • David Woods: VP, Analytics & Innovation Portfolio Lead, MEDiSTRAVA
  • Kelly Malloy: SVP, Customer Engagement, Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Intelligence, Inizio Medical
  • Leonie Pinkham: US Biotech Business Lead, ApotheCom

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