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Navigating the market challenges in cell and gene therapies

The future is here. The excitement around cell and gene therapies is no longer about potential, but in witnessing their promise being realised.

These treatments are changing the way healthcare is delivered, and as such the way we communicate about them must evolve. Our experience in working with clients who are developing, launching, or already marketing cell and gene therapies shows that we must think differently about marketing strategy and communications. This is particularly true for rare diseases (~80% of which are genetic), which bring unique challenges.

A nuanced understanding of the disease, the science and technology behind the therapy, and the dynamics of the marketplace and unique patient needs are essential for designing innovative, strategic plans that drive success and better patient outcomes. This is an endeavour that requires substantial effort, investment, time and unique expertise.

The latest white paper from EmerGENE, brings into focus and offers insights into the challenges the industry faces in creating and maintaining a marketplace that will embrace these life-changing treatments.

Key insights inside:

1. Lexicon matters – marketing language must be clear, strategic, and aligned with existing conventions, while differentiating from current and future competitors.

2. Competition comes from unconventional places – offering a first specifically disease-modifying treatment is not an immediate recipe for success. Patients may be reluctant to change and there may be delays in referral for curative treatments for several reasons. Motivating early involvement of diverse care teams is vital.

Download the white paper here.

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